News for 2007

11/19/07 Started teaching at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women in Jessup Maryland. Will be teaching pre-GED and GED level mathematics to the inmates.
 09/15/07 Began working as a substutute teacher at an alternative high school. The purpose is to attempt to reach these at-risk individuals before they enter years-long addictions and homelessness.
09/15/07 Graduated  a student as well as our third 3000+ student.
07/11/07 We gave out two more GED scholarships and assisted another 5 students towards advanced education.
05/20/07 We hit 20 diplomas this week! We had two more students earn their GED. The third student missed my one math question.
04/21/07 Graduated two students.
04/19/07 Helped one of our students apply for college today. He is going to be working towards a degree in chemical dependency counseling. This student scored extremely high on his GED test: in the 90th percentile for all subjects.
03/30/07 Graduated our second 3000+ student.
03/10/07 Heard some great news today. One of my ex-students called and told me that he has been offered a job as the maintenance man for a 30-unit rental property. In addition to a good salary, he will be getting his own apartment. This is a true success story, from prison to completing a yearlong rehabilitation program to earning his high school diploma to completing a semester of college to becoming a contributing member of society.
02/14/07 We gave out 3 GED scholarships to students that earned their GED.
02/13/07 We have a student prepping for his college placement test. He has surpassed all of the students so far in his efforts. We had to purchase higher level algebra workbooks to keep up with his progress.
02/08/07 Graduated three students. Today is a big day for the students at the mission. One of the students broke the math record by getting a 630 out of 800. The prior record, held for over a year, was a score of 560. This 49 year old student is planning on attending college. He is currently attending our Algebra lunch-and-learns with the hopes of getting a higher math placement on the college entrance placement test.
02/08/07 We had two students receive their high school diplomas today. Both students have plans to go to truck driving school to earn their Commercial Driver's License (CDL). First year drivers typically earn about $35,000 per year.
01/31/07 We gave out our first $45 scholarship today to a student likely to break the record for math. I wish we had enough funding to pay for all of the student GED tests. For now, SCL will need to be selective about who receives the benefit.
01/26/2007 Funding has allowed us to plan on distributing scholarships to help the students pay for their GED test. A special thanks goes out to our donors!
01/22/2007 Purchased 10 GEM Math text books.
01/05/2007 Purchased 10 GED Calculators and GED Math test books.
01/04/2007 Today is a great moment in SCL's business history. We received our first donation.
The donor had the following to say:
"Enclosed please find a check drawn for an amount sufficient to cover the out of pocket expenses for 10 of those for whom a second chance has become a reality"
01/03/2007 Helping one of the recent graduates attend college. This process typically involves identifying a discipline, working through financial aid issues, and assisting with the application and registration process.