News for 2009

During 2009 most of Second Chance Learning’s resources and efforts were focused on the inmates at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women (MCIW). At this institution SCL resources were used for a math tutoring class provided to the general inmate population; the student’s abilities ranged from first grade through college preparation. In addition to the math class, SCL provided guidance to inmates in the areas of careers, college advising, identification, and driver’s licenses. To help facilitate the communication with the inmates SCL maintains a company mailbox at the prison. SCL answers approximated five letters of inquiry from inmates every week.

Another change for SCL was the move from full-time teaching at the prison to full-time teaching at an alternative school for at-risk middle and high school age students (Homewood). The purpose of this move was to work with younger individuals who are at-risk for failure; individuals not yet in the correctional system but likely to become substance abusers, criminals, homeless, and incarcerated. A lot was learned about this population; sadly I concluded that the few hours that a teacher works with this population is not likely to overcome the adverse affects of the poor adult modeling the students experience outside of the school environment. In addition, the cognitive developmental stage the students are is such that the adverse affects associated with their familial systems appeared to be amplified.