I Want To Help!

The work we do at Second Chance Learning can benefit from your assistance.
We are a volunteer-run company.
100 percent of your donations go towards helping our clients.
Preparing a student to take the GED test costs about $55. The GED test, itself, is another $45. A student would therefore be expected to incur about $100 worth of out-of-pocket expenses.
We at Second Chance Learning provide the items the students can-not afford to pay for. To minimize expenses, we reuse text-books and calculators.
Here are some of the kinds of expenses we incur:
  1. Magnifying Reading Glasses $5
  2. Pencils 72 for $4
  3. Notebooks $1
  4. GED Calculator (FX-260) $9
  5. Self Pace Algebra Workbooks $3.50

If you want us to purchase the supplies or you want to subsidize a GED test, please make your check or money order payable to Second Chance Learning. For credit card donations please click on the Donate button below.
If you would prefer to send teaching supplies, please review the list of items above that we provide to the students. Please be sure to order the versions specified. Used items are always helpful as well.
Donations can be sent to:
Second Chance Learning
Attn. donation
9244 Hourglass Place
Columbia, MD 21045
Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and support. :)

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